About the code

Cinematic Code has a certain standard and belief when it comes to creating television; it’s to make and deliver the best product possible. Regardless if it’s a small budget or considerable time restraints, the end result has to be something you can put your name on it. The person in charge of the production must know that their project was one they can proudly display and call their own. That is the code.

About the creator

Tony Rammos has spent over a decade in the television industry and has worked in newsrooms, studio shoots, at live events and full on-location productions.

After graduating from university and a one-year specialized college program, Tony started as a Broadcast Associate watching sports games and writing scripts for the sports news channel Rogers Sportsnet, working his way to producing live sports news programs for the station.

From there, Tony moved to Insight Sports Limited which owned three networks: the 24/7 fishing channel World Fishing Network (WFN), the game show and classic movie channel Game TV, and the soccer channel Gol TV. Tony was originally brought on as a Promo Producer for all three networks, but quickly became a Producer of live events on Gol TV and the Senior Producer in creating long format episodes for WFN.

After a nine month contract position with Fadoo Productions as the Production Manager for "Quest for the Cup", Tony began freelancing as a Producer/Director and completed the short feature on New York City's historical seaport district, titled "South Street Story". What followed was a series of short documentaries for WFN titled "World Fishing Journal". Tony was responsible for directing and producing all nine half-hour episodes on human-interest stories within the fishing industry.



World Fishing Network - Director/Producer

  • Responsible for directing and producing "World Fishing Journal" documentary series
  • Managed and maintained the budget
  • Researched and conceptualized story ideas
  • Assembled and hired crew and booked location spots
  • Organized travel and accommodations for crew
  • Coordinated and led on-location shoots with Director of Photography
  • Conducted interviews and wrote voice-overs
  • Fadoo Productions - Production Manager

  • Responsible for the day-to-day operations of "Quest for the Cup: A Season with the London Knights" documentary series
  • Managed and maintained the budget
  • Assembled and hired crew and booked location spots
  • Organized travel, accommodations, camera and audio gear rentals and call sheets for crew
  • Coordinated and supervised on-location shoots
  • Insight Sports Ltd. - Senior Producer/Director

  • Responsibilities included completing long format programs from start to finish for WFN
  • Determined and managed budgets
  • Assembled and hired crew
  • Organized travel, accommodations and call sheets for crew
  • Coordinated and led on-location shoots
  • Created show rundowns and produced live soccer shows for Gol TV
  • Wrote all scripts for on-cameras and voice-overs
  • Collaborated with graphic artists and integrated 3D graphics into shows
  • Extensive experience in working in post production edit suites
  • Rogers Sportsnet - Producer

  • Responsibilities included assembling four daily news shows and producing live television with full crew
  • Organized and determined on-air content quickly and efficiently
  • Wrote or proofread scripts for anchors and created show rundowns
  • Wrote and edited headlines, bumpers, promos and teasers
  • Researched and completed short or full-length features
  • Developed and manipulated various graphics into features
  • Education

    Sheridan College - Post Graduate Diploma, New Media and Journalism

    University of Toronto - Bachelor of Arts, English